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NAMI 2007 Inclusion Grants Program

Recovery for All
December 2007

For the first time in 2007, NAMI National awarded funding to NAMI state organizations and affiliates for use in three grant programs focusing on three major areas of concern to NAMI:  membership, organizational capacity, and inclusion. The Multicultural Action Center has had the privilege to head the inclusion grant program and work closely with the grantees working on various programs of multicultural inclusion. 

The Inclusion Grants program provided grants to 22 NAMI sites, working alone or in collaboration, with awards ranging from $1,500 for mini-grants to $25,000 for larger grant projects. These grants aimed to help NAMI state organizations and local affiliates build best practices for reaching out to multicultural populations and consumers, supporting both new and existing initiatives for increasing and strengthening diversity within NAMI. Inclusion Grantees have worked very hard throughout the year to reaching out to multicultural populations, providing resources, and learning valuable lessons. Each site also hosted cultural competence trainings for board members and staff.

We look forward to sharing more about the experience of the grant sites upon the completion of the January 2008 final grant reports. We are proud to have worked with the grant sites in helping foster or continue an ongoing effort for NAMI to reach all Americans and to help and support families who are dealing with mental illness.

View the Inclusion Grants
 announcement (pages 3-4) and mid-year report articles for more information.