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GLBT Initiative

Recovery for All
December 2007

In recognition of the unique mental health needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) community, the Multicultural Action Center gave focus to this community this year by creating a new NAMI leaders group and hosting GLBT tracks during the NAMI 2007 Convention.

The NAMI GLBT Leaders Group was an immediate success, with group leaders from around the country helping NAMI address GLBT mental health issues. In their advisory role, the group contributed many ideas for fact sheet development, planning and implementing two GLBT focused convention workshops, and organizing a listening session for GLBT individuals and NAMI leadership.

We now have several fact sheets on pertinent mental health issues in the GLBT community, now available at The 2007 NAMI Convention GLBT listening session will result in a 2008 release of a proceedings report outlining practical recommendations on how NAMI can consider and support the mental health needs of the GLBT community.

The NAMI 2007 Convention marked the first time a national NAMI event has formally recognized and focused on the GLBT community. The success of these events and sessions during the NAMI 2007 Convention was encouraging to the Multicultural Action Center and the GLBT Leaders Group who continue to work together to address the needs of the GLBT community within NAMI.

The Multicultural Action Center is proud to work with our GLBT Leaders and wish to thank them for helping guide NAMI’s progress in reaching wider than racial and ethnic considerations to become a truly inclusive organization of all who experience mental illness.

Find more information in our previous Recovery for Allarticles on the formation of the GLBT Leaders Group and GLBT Convention activities.  For further information or to join the NAMI GLBT Leaders Group, please contact