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Advocacy Spotlight: Funding for CIT

As part of the ongoing development of NAMI’s CIT Advocacy Toolkit, the NAMICIT Centeris working to address the questions that are often most pressing at the initiation of a CIT program: How much is it going to cost? And where do we get funding? To help answer these questions, we have developed several resources, including a sample budget, a guide to grant writing, and information about the cost of CIT.

The Cost of CIT 
This guide to understanding the costs of running a CIT program asks readers to consider how partners in the community can contribute most of the needed components for a CIT program.

CIT Sample Training Budget 
A sample budget for a CIT training session.

Grant Writing Tips for CIT Programs 
This guide provides step-by-step instructions for CIT programs interested in searching for and applying for grant funding. The Resources section lists sources for more training in grant writing.

Examples of Successful Grant Applications for CIT 
Sometimes it is easiest to learn by example.  Read some grant applications that have successfully secured funding for CIT programs.

CIT Grant Writing Template: Describing the Need for CIT 
Most grant applications include similar components. These templates are designed to help grant writers applying for funding for CIT answer common questions. You should always tailor templates to the needs of your program and the requirements of the funder. Whenever possible, you should also include local data and information. This template is designed to help grant writers answer a question the question: What is the need? What is the nature of the problem? Stay tuned for additional templates!