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Georgia CIT to be Awarded International Association of Chiefs of Police Human Rights Award

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation received word that they, along with NAMI Georgia and other partner organizations involved in the statewide Georgia Crisis Intervention Team, will be awarded the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s (IACP) Civil Rights Award. The award will be presented at the IACP’s annual conference in November. The award is in the category of "Multi-Agency Team" and, according the IACP website, is awarded to a team with, "members from different law enforcement agencies that have worked together to address a civil rights crime or a civil rights related community problem." To learn more about the Georgia CIT program, visit the NAMI Georgia website. To learn more about the IACP, visit their website,

New York Panel Recommends Improvements to Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems

Earlier this month, the New York State/New York City Mental Health-Criminal Justice Panel released its report, recommending changes in the state’s and city’s adult and juvenile justice system and the mental health system. The panel was convened in response to several high-profile incidents of violence involving law enforcement and people with mental illnesses. The panel recommends several changes, including better coordination within the mental health system; increased communications between criminal justice, juvenile justice, and mental health providers for the purposes of identifying people with mental illness involved in the criminal justice system; and increased training and resources for identifying people with mental illness at risk of justice involvement. Among the specific recommendations, the panel called for increased training for dispatchers to identify incidents involving a person with mental illness, development of a jail diversion program, a mental health unit at the Department of Probation, and expansion of mental health courts. To learn more, read the Panel’s report.

2008 CIT National Conference Update

Organizers of the 2008 CIT National Conference report that the conference flier is now available. To download a copy, click here. In addition, the call for presentations is open until July 16th. Conference registration is now open, and the regular registration rate is available through September 25th. For more information, visit the NAMI Georgia website

NAMI Honors Florida Criminal Justice Advocates

At its national convention this month in Orlando, NAMI honored two Florida criminal justice advocates for their work on behalf of people with mental illnesses. Judge Steven Leifman, of Florida’s 11th Circuit Court, received the Distinguished Service Award, NAMI’s highest award, for years of advocacy on behalf of people with mental illness who are incarcerated in Florida. Most recently, Judge Leifman served as special advisor to the Florida Supreme Court, and authored the Court’s report "Mental Health: Transforming Florida’s Mental Health System." NAMI also awarded the Sam Cochran Criminal Justice Award to Lt. Deanne Adams, of the Orange County Corrections Department in Orlando. Lt. Adams has been a long-time advocate for people with mental illnesses incarcerated in the Orange County Correctional Facility, and championed the county’s CIT program, which has trained over 250 officers. Congratulations Judge Leifman, and Lt. Adams!

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