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State Cultural & Linguistic Competence Coordinators’ Network

Recovery for All
December 2008

The Multicultural Action Center teamed up with the Georgetown University National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health (TA Center) and the National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) to facilitate a network of leaders within state, territorial and tribal mental health systems who have primary responsibility to address cultural and linguistic competence, elimination of disparities, or other multicultural issues.

The Cultural and Linguistic Competence Coordinators' Network for State Territorial and Tribal Mental Health Services (CLC Coordinators’ Network) began with the formation of an advisory group comprised of state cultural and linguistic competence coordinators, the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, the Federation of Families for Children’s’ Mental Health, National Indian Child Welfare Association, NAMI affiliates, mental health providers, and foundation representatives.

The first meeting via conference call of the CLC Coordinators’ Network was held in October 2008. Participants from 19 states introduced themselves and helped shape the plans of how the network will function, determining identifying desired resources and priority topics for discussion in subsequent meetings. The first topic of focus for the network was the issue of sustainability in consideration of the current economic trends and budget restraints, discussed during the second call in December.

The CLC Coordinators’ Network will continue through 2009 and beyond to enhance the capacity of participants by providing information and resources, linkage to national and federal cultural and linguistic competence activities and resources, serving as a sounding board for solution finding, and expanding a network of allies and partners.

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