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In Living Color: Depression Treatment in Primary Care Curriculum Rollout

Recovery for All
December 2008

Developed in partnership between NAMI and the American Psychiatric Association, the In Living Color: Depression Treatment in Primary Care intervention aims to: equip primary care physicians with the knowledge and tools to identify and provide appropriate treatment of depression in minority populations; create awareness of cultural influences and how depression manifests within a cultural context; and to model successful communication and partnership between providers and patients of different cultures. The program is taught by a team consisting of a consumer, a family member, and a physician.  Together, the facilitators model successful partnering and showcase the expertise each individual brings to the treatment setting.

The curriculum was completed in 2008 and, in order to ensure that it is utilized effectively and reaches the audiences most in need, NAMI will work with four carefully selected sites to implement the program in 2009.  NAMI will use the experience with these sites to evaluate the obstacles and best practices of community implementation in order to inform larger national-scale rollout in the near future. 

Details of the selection criteria of the four sites will be made available in early 2009. Once the sites have been identified, trainings will be scheduled and the Multicultural Action Center will provide technical assistance for the implementation phase. In 2009, we estimate that the program will reach hundreds primary care providers across the country and we look forward to the opportunities to expand its reach in the future.

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