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Grading the States 2009: Recommendations

As Charles Dickens wrote, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." This is an apt description for public mental health services in the United States today. While we have seen significant advances in the development and use of proven treatments for people with serious mental illnesses, the very existence of these treatments perpetrates a cruel irony on the many consumers (and families) who do not have access to them.

This report documents significant shortages of evidence-based and promising practices in virtually every state in the country. In some places, desperately needed services are not available at all.

A Vision for Transforming State Public Mental Health Systems
10 Pillars of a High-Quality State Mental Health System as determined by NAMI.

Policy Recommendations
Five public policy recommendations to transform America's health care system for serious mental illness in 2009.

State-by-State Recommendations
Vist the State by State section for specific recommendations for your state.

"Recovery is a unique process for each person. It means having a better quality of life, hope, and resiliency."