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Advocacy Spotlight: State Legislation Related to CIT

Currently, there are no state laws mandating CIT programs. However, a few states have taken legislative steps to recognize or fund CIT or other specialized police training programs. A Kentucky law establishes CIT as a best practice and requires that CIT training be made available to interested law enforcement departments. A Texas law requires that all police officers receive 16 hours of training in de-escalation and crisis intervention techniques – not CIT, but a step in the right direction. Finally, Florida law establishes a grant program that funds a variety of projects at the intersection of mental health and criminal justice, including CIT and mental health courts. To learn more, or read these bills, click here.

Tip: If you need assistance in your state advocating for legislation related to CIT or other criminal justice issues, contact the NAMI CIT Resource Center by emailing If you need assistance with other state legislative efforts, contact NAMI’s Director of State Policy, Angela Kimball, by emailing