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BTS Progress Report

September 1999-April 2003


BTS continues to gain recognition

  • Canister drive to promote mental illness education sponsored by J & B restaurants, owner of 31 Long Island Friendly's, an ice cream/restaurant chain:
  • Recognized in Winners column in Newsday for our efforts, March 203
  • Recognized by the Easter Seals Foundation for leadership in combating the stigma of mental illness, January 2003.
  • Appeared on the Emmy Award nominated cable program, "The God Squad", March 2001.
  • Received outstanding public education awards from NAMI-NYS, 2000.
  • Received honorary citations from the NY State Senate and Nassau County.
  • Had articles in Newsday, Anton Publications, NY City Voices, NY State Psychiatric Bulletin, NAMI newsletters and publications, Communiqué; the Newspaper of the National Association of School Psychologists, School Nurse News and Teaching Tolerance.

BTS continues to reach out

  • Received orders both large and small from 43 states, as well as parts of Canada, Japan, Australia and the Virgin Islands.
  • Established an ongoing relationship with the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign. Ross Szabo, Youth Spokesperson has joined us in presenting to high school students and staff, 2002-2003
  • Partnered with the Mental Health Association of Nassau County, the School Mental Health Alliance (affiliated with LIJ/Hillside and Schneider Children's Hospital in Queens) and North Shore Hospitals), the MHA of Suffolk County and Response of Suffolk County, Inc. to bring BTS and staff training to the schools (2000-2003)
  • Exhibited and presented locally at school nurse conferences, Huntington March for Mental Illness, the Picnic for Parity, Nassau County Health Council of Administrators meetings, BOCES Comprehensive School Health and Wellness meetings, Superintendent Day Conferences, School Nurse conferences and Clubhouse of Suffolk, 2002-3
  • Made BTS available to all health teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, schools nurses, and elementary school principals through funding from the NYS Office of Mental Health, 2000-2001.
  • Been recognized by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, which is adding BTS as a resource in their study guide.

Highlights of presentations and conferences

  • Workshop on "Destigmatizing Mental Illness", April 2003 at the American Alliance for Health Physical Education and Dance.
  • Workshop on "Breaking the Silence: Integrating Mental Illness Education into the Health Class" at the second annual Partnerships in Health Conference, March 2003.
  • Workshop in Philadelphia at the Sixth National Conference on Advancing Schools Based Mental Health Programs, 2002.
  • Workshop at the National Mental Health Symposium to Address Discrimination and Stigma in Baltimore, sponsored by the Center for Mental Health Services, 2001.
  • Workshops at NAMI conference 1999, 2000, 2001
  • Presented at NAMI state conferences in New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Tennessee, 2000.
  • Had NAMI affiliates presenting BTS at many conferences nationwide.

BTS has on going projects. We have:

  • Set up a volunteer retired teacher-training program to have educators bring BTS into the schools.
  • Developing a "Bringing BTS to Your Community Tool Kit" to assist affiliates and other groups with educational outreach nationwide.
  • Introduced BTS to the next generation of educators by presenting to local colleges and universities: Adelphi University, CW Post, Dowling College, Molloy College and Hofstra University.
  • Partnering with Adelphi University to evaluate effectiveness of BTS in changing attitudes and perceptions
  • Surveying state of mental illness education in all public middle schools and high schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties.