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NAMI Board Resolution on Federal Cuts to Medicaid



WHEREAS, Medicaid is the most critical safety net program for children and adults who suffer from serious mental illnesses; and

WHEREAS, Medicaid pays for a wide range of evidence based treatment and services for children and adults with serious mental illnesses; and

WHEREAS, loss and/or cuts in Medicaid benefits will have devastating consequences for persons with serious mental illnesses including homelessness, involvement with criminal justice systems, and even deaths; and

WHEREAS, cuts in Medicaid funding will have negative national economic consequences, including increasing the numbers of uninsured persons and placing greater burdens on other systems and programs established to provide health care to our nation’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens; and

WHEREAS, cuts in federal funding of Medicaid will cause dire consequences for states, most of which are already struggling with unprecedented budget crises;


The NAMI Board of Directors strongly opposes any cuts to Medicaid in the budget resolution currently before the United States Congress. Cuts to Medicaid will cause significant suffering for our nation’s most vulnerable citizens and further burden systems such as criminal justice and law enforcement that are already overwhelmed and ill prepared to respond to people with these brain disorders. Instead, NAMI, comprised of more than 220,000 consumers and family members throughout the country who are voters, urges Congress to support state fiscal relief initiatives that will prevent states from having to cut Medicaid eligibility and services.


James McNulty (RI)

Jim Dailey (KY)

Margaret Stout (IA)

Frederick R. Sandoval (NM)

Patricia Warburg Cliff, J.D. (NY)

Steve Miller (IA)

Carla Jacobs (CA)

Eileen F. Silber (NC)

Darlene Prettyman, R.N.C. (CA)

Betsy Smith (CT)

Silvia Arias, Ph.D. (PR)

Roscoe A. Swann, Jr. (MD)

Moe Armstrong, M.B.A., M.A. (MA)

Suzanne Vogel Scibilia, M.D. (PA)

Edward F. Foulks, M.D., Ph.D. (LA)

Gloria M. Walker (OH)