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NAMI 2009 Annual Convention

This year’s annual NAMI Convention, held in San Francisco from July 6-9, was a tremendous success. The Education Center held 12 presentations plus an Education Institute on all of the various programs, including 2 Spanish-language workshops on mental health and treatment disparities in the Latino community. Other key workshops included…

NAMI Connection: Realizing the Vision of Nationwide Consumer Support

A symposium highlighting what a number of states and affiliates are doing to solidify and expand this initiative 

Family to Family Master Class

A detailed discussion of the difference between core principles of adult education and the trauma learning model that Family-to-Family follows so closely

NAMI Education, Training & Peer Support Center’s Reception

A welcoming party for teachers, trainer, program directors, mentors, presenters and facilitators

In Our Own Voice Demonstration

An uplifting demonstration of one of NAMI’s signature education programs

NAMI Provider Education Program: California, Here We Come!

A presentation on various strategies involved in acquiring funding and creating partnerships with mental health systems to advance this unique program of provider staff training

NAMI Basics: Collaborative Problem Solving

A presentation illustrating how collaborative problem solving is used in the NAMI Basics parent education course for young families

NAMI Connection: Recovery Support Groups

Support groups offered to provide mutual support for people who identify as consumers

Family-to-Family/ Basics Program Directors’ Meeting (Pre-convention)

A special meeting for state and local Family-to-Family and Basics program directors to focus on program administration, promotion, teacher recruitment and other key issues

Leadership Institute Workshop- Group One- IOOV: Marketing the Message

A workshop on recruiting potential presenters and venues to hold presentations

Leadership Institute Workshop- Group Two- Growing New Leaders through NAMI Consumer Programs

A session exploring 9 key characteristics of effective leaders and how NAMI consumer programs are helping people develop them

Leadership Institute Workshop- Group Three- A Discussion of Peer-to-Peer Third Edition Curriculum

A workshop on the revisions to the curriculum that will affect the course structure, classroom dynamics and take-home materials

Leadership Institute Workshop- Group Three- Meeting the Challenges of Expanding NAMI Signature Education Programs: Let’s Talk

NAMI National staff address concerns about the challenges of expanding NAMI signature education programs

Education Department Institute

  • Minds Interrupted: Dramatic Monologues of Family and Consumer Life Stories
  • Voices of Recovery: NAMI’s New In Our Own Voice Video
  • Reaching Across the Miles: NAMI Family-to-Family Rural Telehealth Project
  • Research and Testimony on NAMI Connection Participant Satisfaction
  • Using Family-to-Family as First Outreach into Diverse Communities
  • NAMI Basics on the Move: Program Update and Views from the Field
  • In Our Own Voice-Family Companion Project
  • The NAMI Department of Veterans Affairs/Family-to-Family Partnership
  • A partnership between NAMI’s Peer-to-Peer Recovery Course and the Mental Health Courts in Polk County, FL
  • Family-to-Family Leadership Award to Brenda Piper, Education Director, NAMI North Carolina