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NAMI Peer-to-Peer Update

Rose Marie Delaney, NAMI Florida’s Peer-to-Peer program director, received this year’s Peer-to-Peer Distinguished Service Award for her hard work and dedication to expanding the program throughout her state. Over 30 Peer-to-Peer classes were held in FL last year! Rose says that it brings her joy to witness the transformation in her peers participating in the program

Details about the third edition of Peer-to-Peer were discussed in a one hour workshop at the NAMI Education Institute. Stay tuned for more information on the rollout of the new edition in future education newsletters.

The final Peer-to-Peer workshop featured Honorable Judge Robert Williams of Polk County, Florida and NAMI Polk County’s Executive Director, Cathy Hatch. They shared information on their unique partnership that allows individuals moving through the mental health court system to attend a Peer-to-Peer course.