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Marty Raaymakers Marty Raaymakers

Marty Raaymakers, an inspiring speaker, is a Certified Peer Specialist, currently residing in Michigan after putting 18,000 miles on her motorcycle traveling across the US during the first part of 2007.  Marty is a non-fiction writer specializing in helping person find their way into and through recovery while still experiencing symptoms of a mental illness.  She has also helped develop two courses for family members and friends who have a person close to them who happens to have a mental illness.  Marty is a disabled veteran who is passionate about person-centered treatment planning, self-determination, a recipient’s rights during treatment, the importance of peer supports specialists in delivering treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation, peer delivered and peer run services and the fact that persons with a mental illness are dying 25 years earlier than everyone else.  She has served on many boards and is a past affiliate president and the immediate past chair of NAMI Consumer Council.