National Alliance on Mental Illness
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The MESA (Mutual Education Support and Advocacy) Family Workshops are a series of classes for parents, siblings, spouses and adult children of individuals with mental illness. A major goal is to reduce stress in the lives of families through education on mental illness, coping strategies and community resources and through the support which develops among participants.

The workshops have been on going in communities throughout the state since 1987. They are co-lead by family members and mental health professionals, highlighting that both have special knowledge and skills to share. And emphasis on Mutual acknowledges that families and professionals Educate and Support each other and in this process, gain a greater understanding and respect for each other. An alliance develops among families and professionals which creates a stronger voice for Advocacy for the needs of people who have mental illnesses.

The MESA Family Workshops have proven effective in beginning or enhancing affiliates for NAMI Virginia in many communities throughout America.