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Hand to Hand (Developed by NAMI of Greater Toledo, Ohio)

Hand to Hand is a nine-week education program designed to foster learning, healing and empowerment among families of children with emotional/mental/ neurobiological disorders. This course, developed by NAMI of Greater Toledo, is funded by a grant from ODMH and is taught by professionals and family members who are part of NAMI. The course is similar to Family-to-Family in structure and goals, with each week of the curriculum dedicated to a particular aspect of having a child with a mental illness. Topics covered include: understanding your child's diagnosis; developing family coping skills; counseling and therapy; medications; special educational needs; and juvenile justice and child protection agencies. Guidance on locating appropriate support and services within the community and obtaining better mental health services as well as advocacy for appropriate federal and state policies are also included. The course is free, but registration is required. Contact Suzanne Robinson at NAMI Ohio for further information (1-800-686-2646).

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