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NAMI's Goals and Strategies

Truly equal, and, therefore, integrated, coverage. Just as in the civil rights movement, "separate but equal" can never be truly equal.

  • In addition to the same lifetime and annual financial caps, NAMI seeks the same co-pays as are offered for other conditions,
  • the same access to care by the appropriate medical professional,
  • the same access to hospitalization for acute conditions,
  • the same pharmacy coverage, and
  • the same outpatient care.
  • An end to the ERISA1 exemption for state parity mental illness laws.

  • Equal access to care and the same coverage for individuals in all other forms of government-subsidized care. Older Americans have a high rate of untreated depression, many young children living in poverty rely on Medicaid, and our disabled population is frequently unable to access the services they need.

  • Parity laws in all 50 states that are comprehensive, clear, and compelling in ending all forms of insurance discrimination against persons with severe mental illness.

  • Monitoring by both the states and the federal government to insure that parity laws are enforced, and an appeals process for denied services that is fair and impartial.

  • Access to all appropriate medications that are clinically indicated for persons suffering from severe mental illness.

[1] ERISA: Employee Retirement Income Security Act- concerns employers which self insure.

For more information about NAMI’s activities on this issue, please call Andrew Sperling at 703/516-7222. All media representatives, please call NAMI’s communications staff at 703/516-7963.