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Plans for 2010

Recovery for All
December 2009

Extension of Grant Programs

The Multicultural Action Center will be expanding and evaluating its Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health and In Living Color: Depression Treatment in Primary Care programs through a selection of new grant sites in 2010. See above links for further information about each of these two programs.

Building a Diverse Movement

In 2008, NAMI adopted phase one of its Standards of Excellence which call for a diverse, inclusive and nondiscriminatory organization at all levels. Recognizing that a diverse and inclusive organization is the result of thoughtful planning and implementation, the Multicultural Action Center has begun the Building a Diverse Movement initiative to help NAMI state and affiliate offices achieve this goal.  This will be accomplished through the creation of do-it-your-self resources on diversity, inclusion and cultural competence and by providing technical assistance and training opportunities.


Our goal is to create an electronic library on the NAMI Web site that will house a variety of step-by-step guides and other resources for NAMI state organizations and local affiliates to use to answer a variety of questions regarding diversity, inclusion and nondiscrimination and to identify and implement necessary organizational changes.

The Multicultural Action Center has already formed and begun work with a group of diverse NAMI leaders to assist and advise this effort and will work with this group throughout 2010 on this Building a Diverse Movement initiative. This advisory group will help to build a stronger movement in which NAMI state organizations and local affiliates will be well-trained and equipped to plan and implement culturally competent diversity and inclusion initiatives.

A diverse and inclusive organization will be able to better engage, educate and support diverse communities affected by mental illness.

Click here for more information on NAMI’s Standards of Excellence.

 2010 NAMI Convention

Save the Date: 2010 NAMI Convention June 30-July 3

We are excited to be back in Washington, D.C. for our national convention this year and we hope you will join us. Convention program preparations are in progress and the Multicultural Action Center is looking forward to many workshops (yet to be confirmed) covering important issues multicultural mental health as well as a special meeting on Asian American and Pacific Islander mental health as part of our series of community-specific listening sessions. More details to come!

See NAMI's convention Web site for details.