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Cover Story - Education, Training & Peer Support Newsletter, March 2010

We are very pleased to present our new NAMI Education and Support Programs Brochure. This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the education and support programs that are offered by NAMI. Many of you have NAMI programs operating in the same affiliate site; often people participating in one of these programs know very little about the other NAMI program opportunities currently available to them in that community. There is no better way to increase community recognition, and increase course attendance, than to use the synergy we have when teachers and facilitators in one program can effectively refer to other NAMI resources in the same area. Let us know how and where you will use these brochures and we will provide 25 copies for your next outreach event. We are eager to hear from you as you use this new resource, and to see how your “synergy plan” is working. Contact to submit your request.