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Mental health problems affect one in four individuals in the United States. Latinos are no exception. However, as many studies have highlighted, limited mental health educational opportunities and high levels of stigma prevent many members of this community from accessing mental health support.

NAMI developed Compartiendo Esperanza to fill the gap of available knowledge and resources about mental health for the Latino community. The goals of the program are to:

  • Develop positive and lasting relationships with Latino organizations.
  • Educate Latinos about mental illness signs, symptoms, treatment and support.
  • Address mental health stigma in the Latino community by providing science-based information on mental illness.
  • Increase understanding and awareness of mental health recovery. 
  • Introduce NAMI education and support programs to the Latino community.

Program Components

  • A practical coordination guide for successful implementation, outreach and
    educational programming for Latino organizations.
  • Scripted 90-minute interactive presentation focusing primarily on personal
    reflections of the presentation team (a person living with a mental health problem and a
    family member).
  • A companion bilingual booklet, There Is No Health Without Mental Health (to preview in pdf format, click the image to the right).

Program Implementation

NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates are invited to implement this initiative. Get started by downloading the Materials Release Form (note: initiative materials may only be provided to those directly involved with a NAMI State Organizations or NAMI Affiliates).

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Program coordinators, click here to access program materials.