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State Mental Health Cuts: The Continuing Crisis
The latest report from NAMI shows the nationís mental health crisis is continuing to deepen.

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Discussion Groups

Consumer Employment
Discuss issues regarding entering or being in the workforce when you have mental illness.

Find support, share knowledge, ask questions and meet people who've been there.

Missing Persons
Share information and support for locating or reaching out to loved ones who are missing.

Women and Depression
Meet and share support with other women who have been there.

Recent Discussions
EEP Filed
Wrongful Termination of my fiancee, Stacey Meyer
Any other moms struggling with depression?

Treatment & Recovery Info

Hearts and Minds
Hearts & Minds is a new educational undertaking to promote awareness and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease among people with mental illness. The program consists of a 13 minute videotape and 28 page workbook.

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Knowledge Base

Proceedings from Breakout VIII
Breakout VIII a National Conference on PsychoSocial Rehabilitation and Deafness held their conference in conjunction with the NAMI 2004 Convention. Read the proceedings from this groundbreaking event.

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Sharing Knowledge

What You Said About the Economic Impact of Mental Illness on Your Life
View the results of our online survey about the economic effects of mental illness.

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Book Reviews

A Fragile Revolution: Consumers and Psychiatric Survivors Confront the Power of the Mental Health System

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