National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Get Involved in NAMI and Support Justice Reform

Other Ways to Support Justice Reform in your Community

  • Find out whether there is an existing criminal justice/mental health collaboration group (e.g. a regular gathering of advocates, criminal justice leaders and service providers interested in mental health and justice reform) in your community and if so, offer your assistance and input.
  • If you or a loved one have been involved in the justice system, visit your state legislator, mayor, police chief or other local leader and share your story.
  • Volunteer to mentor a veteran in your local Veteran’s Treatment Court.
  • Volunteer to present during CIT training.  Find CIT programs near you.
  • Look for a law enforcement agency, court, school or other community agency doing a good job of keeping people with mental illness out of the justice system, and promote their work by writing a thank you letter or a letter to the editor.