National Alliance on Mental Illness
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“NAMI-Cooks" - Half Price Sale

A sale is now on at NAMI-Albuquerque. The price of the remaining stock of "NAMI-Cooks" has been reduced by 50%. Our “NAMI Cooks” is a great buy as a gift or just for ideas on good down home, cross country eating. It’s filled with mouth watering recipes from all parts of this great country. None of the recipes from prominent supporting political figures contain crow. Quail (not Quayle) is as close as they get. You can get your copy/copies by stopping by the NAMI-Albuquerque office at 6001 Marble Ave. NE between 10AM and 1PM (call ahead) Monday through Friday or call the office 256-0288 and order yours now. You can also call Joann Brawley, 292-6116, and order your book(s). The books are $5.00 at the office and $7.00 by mail.