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This New Year, Support NAMI's Campaign for the Mind of America

At the end of 2002, the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health sent a message to the President of the United States --that our current efforts to treat people with mental illnesses are not working. The Commission found that the consequences of this failure are staggering. We already know a great deal about what works. We simply need the will to do it.

NAMI has the will, and has since formed The Mind of America Foundation. The Foundation is a public/private partnership committed to bring the facts about mental illness and recovery to a wider public in order to eradicate stigma, improve access to scientific treatment and supports, and transform the mental healthcare system in America.

The Mind of America Foundation’s main focus is crusading for the Campaign for the Mind of America, dedicated to achieving the goal that all Americans receive the best mental health care and treatments available. NAMI realizes that untreated mental illness is a public health crisis, which exists in every community, and has devastating effects on education, law enforcement, health care and businesses. Therefore, the Campaign brings together thought leaders from each community, as well as national and local leaders from powerful partner organizations, all of whom will address this crisis on both national and local fronts.

To date, inaugural partner organizations include the American College of Emergency Physicians; Association of Academic Health Centers; Child Welfare League of America; National Association of City and County Health Officials; National Association of Police Organizations, National Medical Association; National Association of Social Workers; and the Society for Adolescent Medicine.

Community leaders, advocates and partner organizations working together to reach common goals makes NAMI’s Campaign visionary, which is why it will work.

Our partners and community leaders agree: the time to act together is now and we need your support! Donate to NAMI today and help the Campaign for the Mind of America achieve its goals. Help those in your communities living with mental illnesses achieve the promise of recovery that is in their grasp!