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NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: August 18, 2006

Recent African American Faith Responses to Mental Illness

Rev. Byron Williams, a syndicated columnist and pastor of the Resurrection Community Church in Oakland, California, was channel surfing recently when he came across another local pastor speaking on the subject of mental illness to his predominantly African-American congregation. And what he heard gave him great concern.

Read Rev. Williams response to his fellow African American pastor, learn more about the continued challenges facing African American ministries in New Orleans, and access resources available from NAMI for working with African American communities and churches. Read more…

Religious Beliefs Can Protect Psychological Well-Being During Stressful Experience

New research presented last week at the American Psychological Association annual meeting sheds more light onto the role that religious beliefs play in a person's well-being.

Researchers found that among 309 patients recovering from heart surgery, those whose religious beliefs support what the researchers called a "positive coping style" fared better than those whose religious beliefs gave them a "negative coping style". Read more…

National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness – Now Is the Time to Plan!

The third annual National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding, which is observed on Tuesday, October 3 during Mental Illness Awareness Week, is rapidly approaching.

FaithNet founder Gunnar Christiansen offers some practical suggestions for getting your faith community to participate, using the sample materials that are now available. Read more…

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