National Alliance on Mental Illness
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June 1, 2007

NAMI FaithNet at 2007 NAMI Convention

NAMI FaithNet will be active once again at the upcoming 2007 NAMI Convention, June 20-24 in San Diego, CA.

Special Interest Workshop

A Special Interest NAMI FaithNet Workshop, moderated by Gunnar Christiansen, MD, and featuring Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder of Mental Health Ministries, Angela Vickers, JD, author of Brain Bondage -- The Delay in Mental Illness Recovery, Pat Doyle, Education Director for NAMI DuPage, Carol Green, of Mental Health Ministries, and Carole Wills, FaithCep chairperson and president of NAMI Indianapolis is scheduled for Thursday, June 24th from 9 AM to Noon.


9:00 am  Welcome

                  Rev. Chester (Chet) Watson & Gunnar Christiansen, M.D.

                  Co-Chairmen, FaithNet CA 

                    NAMI FaithNet web site


9:20 am  Mental Health Ministries – Resources for Faith Communities

               Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder

               Coordinator of Mental Health Ministries, San Diego, CA


9:35 am     Q & A with Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder

9:40 am     Brain Bondage – The Delay in Mental Illness Recovery

                  Angela Vickers, JD

                  Mental Health Advocate & Educator, Jacksonville, Florida

                 Author of Brain Bondage,  

9:55 am    Q & A with Angela Vickers, JD      

10:00 am  Seeing God Through the Pain

                 Pat Doyle:  Education Director, NAMI DuPage, Illinois 

                For info re: "What the Faithful Can Do" –

10:15 am  Q&A with Pat Doyle 

10:20 am  The Role of One to One Relationships in Recovery 

                 Carol Green

                 BeFriender Minister

                 Mental Health Ministries Advisory Committee, San Diego, CA 

10:25 am  Video  -- "Mental Illness and Families of Faith"  

                 Mental Health Ministries

10:50 am  Faith Communities Education Project (Faith CEP) of  NAMI Indianapolis

                 Carole Wills        

                Faith CEP chairperson and President of NAMI Indianapolis       

11:05 am  Q&A with Carole Wills

11:10 – 12:00 pm  Q&A with all of panelists

Exhibit Hall

FaithNet will also have a table in the exhibit hall with free videos, DVDs, and printed materials. Please stop by and say hello.

Interfaith Worship

The yearly closing Interfaith Worship Service will be held on Sunday, June 24th 9:00-10:00 AM.  This very special service planned by Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder will include participation by representatives of several faiths.

Not yet registered for the convention? Although pre-registration is now closed, on-site registration will open at 9 AM on Wednesday, June 20th. Visit the NAMI Convention Web site for more info.