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Treatment of OCD

by Gail Steketee

This volume is one in the series, Treatment Manuals for Practitioners, edited by David H. Barlow. It is written by Gail Steketee, one of the world's experts on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The book will be particularly useful to clinicians who work with persons who have this disorder. It will also be useful to OCD and family support groups.

The focus of the book is on behavioral treatments, but the section on psychopharmacology is excellent and up-to-date. It is important that these tools be understood as completely as possible because they really work, which cannot be said of the traditional psychotherapeutic methods. Research studies are documented throughout the book as a basis for the various aspects of treatment. The book also makes available a number of handouts and forms in the appendix, including symptom check lists, which may be copied without permission.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Beall and Vivian Brazill, NAMI Literature Committee. This book may be ordered at your local bookstore. Guilford Press, 1993. 224pp, $24.95.