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Early Psychosis and Recovery Podcast Series

Co-hosts: Ken Duckworth, M.D., NAMI medical director and clinician, Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) Prevention and Recovery from Early Psychosis (PREP) program, and Michelle Friedman-Yakoobian, Ph.D., MMHC Center for Early Detection and Response to Risk (CEDAR).

A series of podcasts to support listeners to develop a good understanding of early psychosis and possible associated diagnoses and to promote recovery strategies rooted both in experience and in the latest science.

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Episode 1: Introduction to NAMI and the Podcast series. What is psychosis and what do we mean by early psychosis or first episode? What is early intervention? Resources available for families and individuals. Guest: Lynda Cuttrell, Family member.

Episode 2: What treatments work? An exploration of all options including choices, medication, therapy, family involvement, supported education and employment and illness management. Guest: Kim Mueser, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University.

Episode 3: What to do when your loved one lacks insight. NAMI speaks with internationally recognized psychologist Xavier Amador, Ph.D., on effective communication strategies for families and others with loved ones who are experiencing psychosis and mental illness.

Episode 4: How families can help. NAMI speaks with two individuals who live with mental illness who share their experiences and insights regarding their own early episodes of psychosis, with a focus on what families and loved ones can do to help.

Episode 5: What does "psychosis" mean and how does diagnosis work? Ken Duckworth, M.D., and Michelle Friedman-Yakoobian, Ph.D., focus on an overview of symptoms of psychosis, diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

Episode 4: How families can help.

Episode 3: What do to when your loved one lacks insight.

Episode 2: What Treatments Work?

Episode 1: Introduction to NAMI and the Podcast Series

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