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For Parents, Caregivers & Youth

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For Parents & Caregivers

Fact Sheets for Youth 
NAMI developed fact sheets about mental illness, common warning signs and suicide in youth.

Parents & Caregivers of Youth Consumers Discussion Group
Parents who have a child with a mental illness and are seeking to find support, information and to share their stories with others should join this discussion group.

Education and Support Programs Designed for Families & Caregivers
Education programs and support groups developed by NAMI national and state and local affiliates for parents and caregivers of children living with mental illnesses.

Child & Adolescent Action Center
The NAMI Child & Adolescent Action Center (CAAC) works to improve the lives of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses and their families through advocacy, support and education.

NAMI Beginnings Magazine
Online versions of the Child & Adolescent Action Center's quarterly magazine that publishes articles about child & adolescent mental health. For a free subscription to the magazine contact Bianca at

Ask the Doctor Teleconference Recordings
NAMI's Ask the Doctor is a monthly teleconference series hosted by Dr. Ken Duckworth. NAMI's medical director and child and adolescent psychiatrist. He is often joined by a guest presenter who discusses a mental health issue impacting children, adolescents and young adults.

Ask the Doctor Video Clips
As part of the NAMI Basics Education Program curriculum development, Dr. Ken Duckworth, NAMI’s Medical Director, answers a few of the most commonly asked questions by parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents with mental illness.

Getting an Accurate Diagnosis for Your Child: 10 Steps for Families

Child & Adolescent Mental Illness Fact Sheets

A Family Guide: Integrating Mental Health and Pediatric Primary Care 
Provides families with practical information about integration to help them get involved in the integrated care movement and improve the quality of care their child receives in the pediatric primary care setting.

A Family Guide: What Families Need to Know about Evidence-Based Practices
This guide is designed to inform families about evidence-based practices (EBPs) in children's mental health and to share information on an array of treatment and support options.

A Family Guide: What Families Need to Know about Adolescent Depression

Reinvesting in the Community: A Family Guide to Expanding Home and Community-Based Mental Health Services and Supports

A Resource for Families Considering Residential Treatment Programs for Their Children

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) for Youth Resource Center 
CIT for Youth aims to improve interactions between youth and law enforcement officers by training law enforcement officers and encouraging a community partnership that effectively connects youth with mental health needs to effective services and supports in their community.  NAMI’s new CIT for Youth manual provides step-by-step guidance for implementing this program in your community. 

Special Education & Related Services
Learn more about what services and accomodations your child with a mental illness is entitled to at school.

Internet Resource List for Child & Adolescent Mental Health

NAMI Child and Adolescent Resource Guide

Advocating for Your Child: 25 Tips for Parents

Take Action
Learn about policy issues NAMI is working on and how to contact your elected officials from the website. Help us improve the mental health system by taking political action. You can also visit the Federal & State Policy Legislation section of our website for more policy information.

Learn More About Your Child's Medication
Read detailed information about specific medications commonly prescribed for children with mental illnesses. To learn more about current research on medications and treatment options visit Research, Services & Treatment.

Contact your local NAMI affiliate for information about programs, support, and services near you.

The Balanced Mind Foundation (formerly known as the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation)
Resources for parents raising a child, teen or young adult with, or at risk for, a mood disorder.

For Military Families

NAMI Beginnings - Winter 2010 - Issue 17
This issue of the magazine focuses on the mental health needs of military families.

Resources for Military Families 
A comprehensive list of resources for military families.

For Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

NAMI on Campus 
Provides information and resources to support students living with mental health conditions and to empower them to take action on their campuses. This site also includes materials to help colleges in improving the academic and social experience of their students by addressing the mental health needs of all students.

StrengthofUs is a NAMI developed user-driven social networking community where young adults can connect with their peers, provide mutual support and share personal stories, creativity and helpful resources by writing and responding to blog entries, engaging in discussion groups, posting to “The Wire” and sharing videos, photos and other news.  The site also includes an online resource center that addresses topics young adults have identified as most important to them.

Teen Consumers Discussion Group
For youth who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and want to discuss their experiences with their peers.

Reach Out!
This Australian-based website contains valuable information for any teenager to help improve their mental health and wellbeing during the transition-age years. The interactive site includes coping tips, forums, fact sheets, personal stories and resources regarding mental illness, school, employment and relationships.

This website contains many in-depth features, articles, animations, games and resources for parents, children and teens, developed by experts in the field.

Mindzone - Cope. Care. Deal.
Mindzone is a mental health website for teens that includes helpful information such as how to cope with everyday stress to information about more severe mental health problems.

Step Out of the Silence
A virtual community where youth can share their experiences with mental illnesses through artwork, prose, poetry, photography, and graphic art. The website also offers information on how youth can participate in anti-stigma campaigns and advocacy efforts regarding mental health.

NAMI Child & Adolescent Resource Guide
Recommended resources for children and adolescents living with mental illnesses and their families as well as for children who have a parent living with a mental illness. The guide includes books, DVDs, websites and VHS tapes.

Resources for Children Who Have a Parent or Sibling Living with Mental Illness 
Programs, websites and other resources for children who have a family member living with a mental illness.

Child & Adolescent Mental Illness Fact Sheets