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Resources on the World Wide Web (Chapter 8 of NAMI's IRB Training Guide)

Bioethics Education Sites

1) - Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science maintained by Case Western Reserve University.

2) - Princeton University Bioethics Forum: an excellent site containing links to several educational resources, bioethics law sites, and web sites on specific issues in bioethics.

3)) - Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown University [part of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics]

4) - Virtual Library at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania.

5) - Applied Ethics and Ethical Theory: an excellent site for ethics students maintained by the University of San Diego.

6) - A comprehensive research site maintained by Emory University.

7) - An excellent site with links to over 100 bioethics institutes, programs of study, and health care organizations; site is maintained by the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of British Columbia.

IRB and Human Subjects Research Sites

1) - the MCWIRB Discussion Forum: a form sponsored by the Medical College of Wisconsin that promotes the exchange of ethical, regulatory, and policy concerns of human subjects research.

2) - the homepage for Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R): a national organization dedicated to providing a multidisciplinary forum for addressing biomedical and bioethical issues.

3) - University of Minnesota Research Subjects' Protection Programs: contains the 1. Protecting Human Subjects Guide and 2. Multiple Project Assurance of Compliance with DHHS Regulation for Protection of Human Research Subjects.

4) - UCSF Committee on Human Research: contains policies and procedures, national and international guidelines, and links to several IRB Web sites.

5) - the Medical School IRB of the University of Michigan: this site contains extensive links to human subjects research pages, federal regulatory policies, and key ethics source documents.

6) - this is an Independent IRB located in North Carolina: site contains several interesting links to industry and organizational sites.

Federal Resources

1) - The National Library of Medicine: contains several search engines including PubMed, MEDLINE, and Grateful Med.

2) - Office for Protection from Research Risk (OPRR).

3) - a comprehensive bibliography entitled Ethical Issues in Research Involving Human Participants that includes over 4,650 citations; also includes other issues in bioethics.

4) - Office of Human Subjects Research (OHSR): includes the Department of Health and Human Services regulations for the protection of human subjects; also contains text of Belmont Report.

5) - Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Research Program (ELSI) of the National Human Genome Research Institute.

6) - The National Bioethics Advisory Commision

7)http:// - The Office of Researh Integrity (ORI) of the Department of Health and Human Services.

8) - the Food and Drug Administration.