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Grading the States 2009: About the Photographs

NAMI thanks photographer Michael Nye and his assistant Mark Menjivar for the beautiful and compelling portraits of people with mental illnesses that illustrate Grading the States 2009. Nye’s images are a powerful reminder that this report is first and foremost about people -- not numbers and percentages, or plans and policies.

FINE LINE is a traveling exhibition of voices, stories and portraits that confronts stereotypes and reveals the courage and fragility of those living with mental illnesses.

"Michael Nye's exhibition, "Fine Line" is incredibly powerful and unbelievably moving. It connects you with each individual in such a personal way. These compelling photographs and intimate voices will educate and change minds."
Frances Wise, Executive Director
NAMI San Antonio

Photographer Michael Nye spent four years photographing and recording stories. Schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety and bi-polar disorders are among the experiences considered.

In simple and eloquent detail the 55 black-and-white portraits and voices draw you closer into each life by addressing and exploring many topics: family, confusion, pain, abuse, treatment and healing.

Fine Line Mental Health/Mental Illness by Michael Nye
Click here to view excerpts from Fine Line by Michael Nye.

"Recovery is a healing and growth process of gaining or developing assets-emotional, spiritual, vocational, and psychological."