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NAMI State and Affiliate Logos

Step 2: Download Your Logos

Click the link for the state or local NAMI for which you are authorized to use a logo. The link will download a ZIP file containing the logos. You will need software on your computer to open the ZIP file; most computers have this software by default.

If you need help downloading and extracting your files, please click here.

The ZIP file contains the following versions of your logo:
  1. Black and White EPS (for professional designers and print shops)
  2. Black and White JPG (for all other uses)
  3. Color EPS (for professional designers and print shops)
  4. Color JPG (for all other uses)
  5. White EPS (for professional designers and print shops)
  6. White GIF (for all other uses; the graphic will initially display as solid white, so use a graphics program to add a colored background) )

If there is no logo available for your affiliate, if there is a problem with your logo, or for other questions, contact

State and Affiliates NAMIs in IA

NAMI Iowa Download logos
NAMI Black Hawk County Download logos
NAMI Central Iowa Download logos
NAMI Council Bluffs Download logos
NAMI Dubuque Download logos
NAMI Greater Des Moines Download logos
NAMI Hardin County Download logos
NAMI Jasper County Download logos
NAMI Johnson County Download logos
NAMI Linn County Download logos
NAMI North Iowa Download logos
NAMI Northwest Iowa logo not yet available
NAMI Scott County Download logos
NAMI Siouxland Download logos