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NAMI Hurricane Relief Resource Guide

A resource guide of supports, information, and referrals targeted for people living with mental illness and their families in the wake of the Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

With the assistance of concerned grassroots leaders, NAMI has prepared this resource to aspire to provide support to our state organizations, local affiliates, individuals, family members, and citizens affected by the recent hurricanes. Many resources are available to assist with connecting need with resource. However, NAMI recognizes that the needs of families, individuals, and friends of people living with mental illness are often unique. We also recognize the culture of the NAMI network of families across the country who identify with these special circumstances that fellow NAMI members and others may encounter.

To that end, with this resource NAMI will aspire to serve as a conduit of information, both for those who need help and for those who would like to help.

For information on articles and studies providing insight and information into the results of trauma and disaster on people living with mental illness, visit


To aid victims of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike who live with serious mental illnesses, NAMI has established the NAMI Hurricane Relief Fund.

To make donations to this fund, visit

The Resource Guide

This resource guide is laid out in sections based on services needed. Please click on any of the links below to be taken to those specific resources or you can download the full resource guide in PDF format.