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Official NAMI Colors

Utilizing color effectively helps produce eye-catching graphic design, both in print and on the web, which encourages people to read what you have created.

NAMI's Official Colors gives you the color builds of the colors we use in the official NAMI logo and our program logos. The software program you are working in for your files, whether it's Microsoft Word or Publisher, Adobe InDesign or Quark, all have capabilities to add and alter color swatches. You should change your swatches according to the palette. For help with this, you can contact us.

NAMI Official Colors

Download the NAMI Color Palette.

Color Resources:

You can't go wrong with NAMI blue and yellow but here are some additional resources for finding the perfect color complements.

Adobe Kuler
Adobe's free color resource community that let's you select from other users themes or create your own. Useful for finding complementary or contrasting colors.
Colour Lovers
An online service and community that showcases popular color palettes, patterns, and colors.
W3Schools Web Colors
Do you want to know more about web colors? What is a hex value anyways? This tutorial will get you started.