National Alliance on Mental Illness
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For immediate assistance with a mental health crisis: Find Help Now
Call (513) 351-3500 or email  for resources, referrals, and support for personal advocacy.

Information regarding:

Mental illness

NAMI programs and services

Mental health services

Community resources

Referral to:

NAMI programs and services

Mental health services

Other community organizations

Individual Advocacy by:

Providing information and resources to empower individuals to take the next step in personal advocacy.


NEXT STEP PROGRAM at PLAN of Southwest Ohio

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network

  • For individuals with disabilities and their families who need direction
  • Young adults with disabilities transitioning from high school environments
  • People who newly acquire or develop disabling conditions
  • People with chronic disabilities who need help to maximize benefits, plan estates to preserve benefits, and receive quality services
  • People concerned with quality of life for loved ones with disabilities

Contact PLAN of Southwest Ohio at (513) 821-6111 or by visiting


National Alliance on Mental Illness of Hamilton County
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