National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Help NAMI speak out in support of everyone affected by mental illness. Learn more about the issues below, or visit the Advocacy Action Center to let your elected officials know where you stand.

Mental Health Care Gets My Vote! Campaign
Learn how you can bring mental health to the ballot. Find resources to help you educate candidates, raise issues and get involved.

State Advocacy
The costs of cutting state mental health budgets are extraordinarily high. Without treatment, more people will end up hospitalized, in shelters, on the street, in jail or dead. Find out how what you can do.

Access to Medications
Information regarding the need for people with mental illnesses to have access to prescription medications without restrictions.

Issues related to the growing number of children with mental illnesses who are not appropriately served by the public health system.

Explores the growing trend of arresting and incarcerating the mentally ill.

Death Penalty
Learn more about efforts to abolish the death penalty for people with severe mental illness.

Explains the role of public disability programs in finding employment for people living with mental illness.

Health Reform
Learn more about Health Care Reform and what it means to individuals with mental illness.

Information regarding the need for funding to create affordable housing for people living with mental illnesses.

Managed Care
Explains issues such as the Patients' Bill of Rights and other legislation that would provide non-discriminatory health coverage for all persons with mental illnesses.

Explores issues regarding the importance of Medicaid in funding treatment for people with mental illnesses who could otherwise not afford proper health care.

Details Medicare reform relating to prescription drug coverage, costs and benefits.

Information on pending federal and state legislation that requires health insurance benefits for the treatment of mental illnesses to be equal to health insurance benefits for all other illnesses.

Prescribing Privileges for Psychologists
Provides insight into the question of whether medical doctors should be the only health practitioners permitted to prescribe medications.

Psychiatric Advance Directives
Facts about this relatively new method of allowing consumers to obtain control over their treatment if they were to become incapacitated.

Describes the federal funding of mental illness research and the safety of human subjects participating in this research.

Seclusion and Restraints
Facts about safety measures taken by health practitioners treating mentally ill patients and perspectives on whether the use of seclusion and restraints should be permitted if deemed necessary.

Issues related to Supplemental Security Income(SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for individuals with mental illness.

State and Federal Budget Issues
Issues related to state and Federal level budgets and funding for mental illness services and treatment.

Information addressing the growing concerns about people living with serious mental illness who are uninsured.

Issues related to the pressing need for accessible mental health care for America's veterans who are suffering from mental illnesses.