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Death Penalty
Understanding the Issue:

Double Tragedies: Victims Speak Out Against the Death Penalty for People with Severe Mental Illness
For the first time, families of murder victims have joined with families of persons with mental illness who have been executed to speak out against the death penalty.

NAMI's Statement at the Murder Victims Families for Human Rights Event on the Death Penalty
NAMI's Director of Policy and Legal Affairs, Ron Honberg, spoke at the Murder Victims Families for Human Rights conference on the death penalty and mental illness October 3, 2008, in San Antonio, TX.

American Bar Association Takes a Stance Against Death Penalty for Defendants with Mental Illness
Read the ABA's resolution declaring that people with mental illnesses, mental retardation, dementia, or a traumatic brain injury should not be executed or sentence to death.

NAMI Advocates for Abolishing Death Penalty for People with Serious Mental Illnesses
At a meeting in October 2008, Murder Victims Families for Human Rights and NAMI announced their collaboration on a project to abolish the death penalty for people with severe mental illnesses. The project will include a national media campaign and the release of a report in June of 2009. The report will be used to support efforts in states to enact laws prohibiting executions of people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.