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New Resources on the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap

October 16, 2007 has updated the brochure "Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries: Navigating the Coverage Gap."  Though the gap only affects a small portion of Medicare Part D beneficiaries, it is important for every beneficiary to understand how they can mitigate the expenses they are likely to face.  This 6-page tri-fold brochure is a useful tool for consumers in understanding how to delay entering the gap, and how to exit the gap as quickly as possible.  It explains who may be affected by the coverage gap, how it works, how to track covered drug expenses, and also includes a sample expense log.  The brochure can be found here: Coverage Gap Brochure.

In addition, has completed a new brochure called "Using Your Medicare Drug Plan: What to Do if Your Medicine Isn't Covered."  The process of exceptions and appeals can be complicated and our research shows that many beneficiaries are unaware this option even exists.  This 12-page publication explains when to appeal, how to know if medications are covered, understand appointed representatives, and steps in the appeal process.  The brochure includes a sample redetermination request letter for Medicare beneficiaries.  The brochure can be found here: Appeals and Exceptions Brochure.