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NAMI Presses Congress for FY 2005 Funds for Mental Illness Research and Services
For too long severe mental illness has been shrouded in stigma and discrimination. These illnesses have been misunderstood, feared, hidden, and often ignored by science. Only in the last decade have we seen the first real hope for people with these brain disorders through pioneering research that has uncovered both a biological basis for these brain disorders and treatments that work.

Senators Fall Short in Effort to Funds Medical Research
The Senate on September 10 passed the FY 2004 Labor-HHS-Education bill (HR 2660) by a vote of 94 to 0, ending seven days of partisan, and at times bitter, debate over overtime pay and spending for education and health. Final passage occurred after the Senate rejected an effort to add an additional $1.5 billion to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget – including the National Institute of Mental health (NIMH).

Federal Funding for Mental Illness Research
A description of NAMI’s position on NIMH funding of mental illness research.

NAMI’s Position on Protection of Human Subjects
NAMI's position on the protection of human subjects in mental illness research.