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Purple Hearts for PTSD: Report Calls for Change in Military Culture
NAMI released a special report today, Parity for Patriots: The Mental Health Needs of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families.

NAMI Says Defense Department AWOL on Mental Health Care for National Guard and Reserves
A statement from Michael Fitzpatrick, executive director of NAMI, on National Guard mental health care crisis and access to care at stake in the U.S. Department of Defense Appropriations bill.

Massive Cuts Loom for Federal Mental Health and Housing Programs
The White House unveiled the Presidentís budget proposal for FY 2012 requesting modest increases for mental illness research and services, as well as veterans housing programs.

Federal Budget and Spending Take Center Stage
Federal discretionary spending will come clearly into focus as President Obama unveils his FY 2012 budget and Congress moves forward on omnibus spending legislation for the remaining months of the current fiscal year (FY 2011).

FY 2012 Presidentís Budget Proposal
As is being widely reported in the press, the President released a proposed $3.7 trillion federal budget for FY 2012 highlighted by a proposed overall freeze for most non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending. Read more for further details.

U. S. Army Suicide Report
The Army reports the highest suicide rate in 26 years.

Veterans Day 2004: Take Action
Support our veterans! Ask your legislators to push for increased funding for critical mental health services for those who served.

Veterans Have New Battlefront in America
NAMI advocates have fought for years to gain adequate services for America's veterans. A new battlefront is emerging. The Department of Veterans' Affairs has announced a restructuring plan that would affect 13 VA facilities; seven hospitals would be closed. Speak out now!

VA Works to Increase Consumer and Advocate Involvment in Mental Health Programs