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Multicultural Action Center News Update

Dec.- Jan. Edition

2013 has been an exceptional year for the Multicultural Action Center (MAC). In this issue, we explore some of the most exciting projects we worked on throughout this year and give you a sneak peek of what's to come in 2014.
To our readers, who make diversity and inclusion not only relevant but also indispensable, thank you!

Build it Together Update
2013 BIT Planning Conference brings forth state-level diversity plans
MAC held its Build It Together training and planning conference the second week of Dec. Teams from NAMI KY, NAMI LA, NAMI MA, NAMI MN and NAMI WI came together to develop a diversity plan for each of these states. This was the culmination of 4 month of preliminary work including an series of webinars, taking a cultural competence assessment and doing some pre-planning.
Here are examples of the types of goals they set:
·      NAMI Kentucky: Increase BOD diversity by the end of 2014 (at least two new BOD directors from underrepresented communities).
·      NAMI Louisiana: Provide 4 Sharing Hope presentations in Louisiana by the end of 2014, with at least one in conjunction with a NAMI on Campus Chapter.
·      NAMI Massachusetts: With input from different stakeholders, develop specific criteria for increasing diversity in all affiliates and help affiliates meet these criteria.  
·      NAMI Minnesota: Examine the barriers to accessing NAMI MN’s youth and young adults classes and support groups and ramp up specific marketing strategies to attract a diverse group of youth and young adults.
·      NAMI Wisconsin: Provide individualized support to 5 affiliates to help them develop customizable strategies to reach diverse communities in their area by the end of 2014.
Now, the “real” work just begins as we work closely with each state team to successfully implement it plan!

Request additional information on Build it Together

NAMI Sharing Hope & Compartiendo Esperanza
More than 1,000 individuals attend presentations in 7 months     
  • NAMI Alabama, Greater Houston, Lexington and Tallahassee have shown significant progress building support and opportunities for Sharing Hope. After cementing key relationships with faith and community leaders locally, Sharing Hope sites have taken steps to further the outreach and education goals of the program in their communities. To date, 16 presentations have been reported reaching close to 830 African Americans.
  • NAMI Connecticut, D.C., Latino (MA), New York State, Clackamas County (WA), Santa Clara County (CA), Sioux Falls (SD) and Southern Arizona were selected as Compartiendo Esperanza implementation grantees earlier this year. While grantee sites are at different implementation stages, overall, they have made great progress. 460 people have attended a Compartiendo Esperanza presentation. All sites are establishing relationships with Latino organization and are working towards gaining recognition and trust by the community. This has great impact on NAMI’s work since it has increased these sites’ capacity to engage and support a new community.

Are you interested in joining the Multicultural Networking Group with membership options for specific cultural community focus? See more.

NAMI Announces 2014's Sharing Hope & Compartiendo Esperanza
Implementation Grantees

We are pleased to announce that 11 NAMI state and affiliate organizations have been selected to receive $3,000 in grant funding to implement NAMI Sharing Hope and Compartiendo Esperanza during 2014:
                           NAMI Sharing Hope:                         
NAMI Alameda County, CA
NAMI Greater Cleveland, OH
NAMI Louisiana
NAMI Mt. San Jacinto, CA
NAMI Greater Toledo, OH
NAMI Southwestern Illinois

NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza:
NAMI Chicago
NAMI Greater Houston, TX
NAMI Greater Toledo, OH
NAMI Mt. San Jacinto, CA
NAMI Rio Grande Valley, TX

Congratulations on your selection!

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (NMMHAM)
July 2014
We were pleased to see many wonderful awareness-building efforts around the country during July with great participation within NAMI and among our partners to honor this special month:
  • From April 1 – July 31, 2013 there were 4,357 total views of NAMI’s web portal for NMMHAM and 1,302 of the tools and resources area.
  • MAC partnered again with the National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health (NNED) to co-host 3 planning and celebration webinars in April, May and July with nearly 700 total registrants.
  • Social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter featured visually-rich content tailored to diverse communities and loosely based on themed timing through July. Likes of the NMMHAM Facebook page grew from 587 in early April to 1059 in early August, Nearly 400 tweets from March-Aug utilized hashtag #minoritymentalhealth, 360 of them in July alone.
It is never too early to begin planning for 2014's NMMHAM!  The entire month of July is a great opportunity to reach diverse communities and create mental health awareness

NAMI's Multicultural Action Center will be hosting planning webinars, developing marketing and outreach materials and publishing a planning guide. To encourage participation, MAC will offer competitive mini-grants to NAMI State and Affiliate organizations. Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved and apply!


NAMI's Top News
NAMI Welcomes New Executive Director, Mary Giliberti
Giliberti has served as a Section Chief in the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services since 2008. She previously served for three years as NAMI’s Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for federal and state issues. Read more.

Newtown: Marking the First Anniversary
Dec. 14, 2013 marked the first anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn, where 20 children and six adults were killed. Along with other tragedies, it has resulted in profound examination of the nation’s mental health system. In observance of the first anniversary, NAMI has created a special section with resources and information for policymakers, news media and the general public. Read more.

A CNN Story: It’s About NAMI, So Listen Up!
Recently unveiled by CNN is the powerful story of Stephanie Escamilla, her son “Daniel” and his experience living with mental illness. Read more.

Featured Events and Resources
  • 2014 NAMI's Multicultural Engagement & Inclusion Planning Guide released.
  • Webinar: Expanding Your Outreach: Engaging New Communities. Majose Carrasco highlights well-established outreach and engagement principles outlined in NAMI’s 2014 Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion Guide. She also offers an overview of tools you can use in order to successfully reach new communities and identifies the major mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Click here to request access to the recording.
  • ¡Avanzamos! will be back next year. Check out our latest issue.  To subscribe to this free publication, visit the NAMI Store.                                                                                                    

Advocates for Change: From Dialogue to Action

September 3-6 ~ Washington, DC


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