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Matching Gifts

What is a matching gift?

An easy way to double – even triple – the value of your contribution to NAMI! Thousands of companies (of all sizes, in all industries) have Matching Gift programs that "match" their employees' contributions (often Board members and spouses too) to their favorite charities.

How do I secure a matching gift for my donation to NAMI?

Contact your Human Resources Department to find out if your company has a Matching Gift Program.

If they have a matching gift program, your company likely uses one of two ways to secure your additional matching gift to NAMI:

  1. (Most common) Obtain your company's matching gift form, fill out the "Donor" section, and mail it to NAMI when you send your donation. NAMI will complete the "Charity" section of the form, and mail it back to your company. This will confirm that we received your gift and request their matching gift.
  2. (Less common) Make your donation to NAMI through the mail, phone, or Upon receipt of your gift, NAMI will send a letter acknowledging your contribution. Bring this letter to your Matching Gift program coordinator who will distribute your company's matching gift to NAMI.

Why should I give a matching gift to NAMI?

Matching gift programs allow you to allocate your company's charitable dollars to the cause nearest and dearest to you heart, greatly increasing your donation's value to NAMI.

What's more, NAMI considers your corporation's matching gift as part of your total contribution. Therefore, your $50 gift can become a $100 or $150 gift to NAMI. Securing a match for your $250 donation makes you eligible for NAMI's Leadership Alliance Giving Club (a $500 annual giving minimum).

 So please -- go ahead and make a donation to NAMI today!


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