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Types of Donations:


Make your donation online. It's fast, secure, and the most efficient way to put your dollars to work right away.

You also have the option to make the donation in tribute or rememberance of a loved one, friend, family member or colleague.

By Phone

Call a Donor Services Representative toll free at 1-888-999-NAMI (6264).  Please have your credit card ready.

If you are making a memorial or honorary donation, please also have the address of the person you wish to have notification of your gift sent to, if any.

Note that donations to NAMIWALKS cannot be received over the phone. They must be made online or in person to the individual you are supporting.

By Fax or Mail

  1. Choose the appropriate form based on your donation type (Learn more about the different donation types):
    1. Memorial Donation
    2. Honorary Donation
    3. General Donation
    4. Leadership Alliance Donation
      Note: Donations to NAMIWALKS cannot be received by mail or fax at NAMI National. They must be made  online or in person to the individual you are supporting.
  2. Print the form and fill it in. You may fill in the form prior to printing, but please do not click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form if you do not wish to make the donation online.
  3. If sending by fax, please include your credit card number and fax to: 1-703-516-7223
  4. If sending by mail, please include a check or your credit card number and mail to:

NAMI P.O. Box 62596 Baltimore, MD 21264-2596

Honorary Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Your memorial gift to NAMI is a personal remembrance that honors the life and memory of a friend or loved one, and offers the gift of hope for the future.

You may make a memorial gift online, or via mail, fax or phone.  Based on the information you provide, NAMI will send a letter to the family of the memorialized, notifying them of your thoughtful gift.

Honorary Gifts

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother's or Father's Day, or the arrival of a new baby are special moments that we can help you celebrate. A gift to NAMI is a wonderful way for individuals, organizations, businesses, and groups to honor these special occasions in our lives and pay tribute to a friend or loved one.

You may make an honorary gift online, or via mail, fax or phone.  Based on the information you provide, NAMI will send a letter to the person(s) you are honoring, notifying them of your gift.

Memorial Funds

If you would like to create a memorial fund in memory of your loved one to which others may donate, please contact NAMI's Development Office via email or call toll-free 1-888-999-NAMI (6264), and select Option 3.

General Donations

General donations are gifts made in your own name to support the work of NAMI.

You may make a general donation online, or via mail, fax or phone.  

Planned Giving

Includes charitable gifts to NAMI through a will or a living trust, appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. Go to the planned giving page for more information.

Workplace Giving

Many workplaces today offer the opportunity to make a donation to NAMI through payroll deduction or through Matching Gift programs that "match" their employees' contributions to their favorite charities. For more information please go to the workplace giving page.

Professional Supporters Program

The NAMI Professional Supporters program allows mental health professionals to receive special recognition for their support of NAMI.

The support and encouragement of mental health professionals strengthens NAMI's ability to continue its important work, advocating on behalf of persons with mental illnesses, and working collaboratively with many professional associations to ensure a brighter and more secure future for consumers and their families.

More Ways to Give

For information on more ways to give to NAMI, please visit the main Donation page.