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December 2011

Dear friends,

As we look back at our accomplishments this year and plan for an exciting 2012, we want to thank you for your continuous interest in our efforts and involvement with us. Your work around the country to identify needs, potential solutions for addressing them and ongoing support of diverse communities makes our work possible.

Multicultural Action Center Highlights of 2011Image

Preview of Plans and Projects of the Coming Year

In 2012 we will continue to build on success of the current and previous years.
Highlights of our plans include the following focus areas (click here for details):

  • Renewal of LGBT Focus
  • Next Generation of Multicultural Champions
  • Sharing Hope 3.0
  • Compartiendo Esperanza

Keris Jän Myrick,
First Vice President,
NAMI Board of Directors
Reading and Resources (in case you missed it!)

New NAMI Resources

Mental health among Chinese Americans fact sheet
After Spanish, Chinese is the most widely spoken non-English language in the U.S and Chinese Americans are members of the largest ethnic group among Asian American populations. This fact sheet provides community views and cultural influences of mental health issues as well as rates and experiential information on specific disorders.

Spanish-speaking NAMI leaders
share realities of mental illness experiences and their hope for
mental health recovery

Spanish-language video showcases hope of recovery
NAMI created this video featuring Spanish-speaking NAMI leaders to showcase moving testimonies and perspectives in expression of hope and reality of mental health recovery. Available with the video is its transcription with English translation and biographies and quotes of the featured NAMI leaders in English.

Coming soon 
Contact us to be the first to know when these resources are available:

  • Recording of webinar, “American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health: Collaboration for Healing,” held Nov. 30 in honor of Native American Heritage Month.
  • Next year we will further build on the community-specific recovery video series by releasing videos with African-American and LGBT perspectives.

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