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Latino Program 
(In pilot phase)

NAMI Seeking Applicants for Sharing Hope Latino Program Pilot

NAMI is seeking applications to evaluate this new adaptation of Sharing Hope to target Latino communities. We welcome interested NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates for 2012-2013 participation and funding.

Find more information and access the application here.

A $3,000 stipend will be provided to selected sites. Applications are due  Monday, March 19th.

Questions? Contact Majose Carrasco
, director of the NAMI Multicultural Action Center. 

Mental illness affects one in five individuals in America. Latinos are no exception. However, as many studies have highlighted, limited mental illness educational opportunities and high levels of stigma prevent many members of this community from accessing mental health support.

NAMI is seeking to partner with Latino organizations to share mental health education and support.

About the Sharing Hope Latino Program

NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center, which works to focus attention on system reform to ensure access to culturally competent services, education and support for all Americans, created Sharing Hope to fill the gap of available knowledge and resources about mental health for African American faith communities and has adapted this program for focus on Latino communities. This initiative aims to build partnership among NAMI and Latino organizations, increase understanding and awareness of mental health recovery, address mental health stigma in the Latino community, foster dialogue about support for mental illness and introduce NAMI education and support programs.

Program Goals:

  • Develop positive and lasting relationships with Latino organizations.
  • Educate Latinos about mental illness signs, symptoms, treatment and support.
  • Address mental health stigma in the Latino community by providing science-based information on mental illness.
  • Increase understanding and awareness of mental health recovery by sharing lived experiences of people with mental illness and family members.
  • Introduce NAMI education and support programs to the Latino community.


  • A practical coordination guide for successful implementation, outreach and educational programming for Latino communities
  • Scripted 90-minute interactive presentation focusing primarily on personal reflections of the presentation team (an individual with mental illness and a family member) and a discussion-based activity with a companion booklet 
  • Checklists, practice sheets and other helpful materials included to assist the individuals working with this initiative.


Click here to visit the main Sharing Hope program page.