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NAMI 2007 Annual Convention Multicultural Sessions and Events

Wednesday, June 20th

Leadership Institute Session: NAMI and Multicultural Outreach

The NAMI Leadership Institute offers leadership and organizational development opportunities to assist NAMI state organizations and local affiliates to meet the NAMI mission. The Leadership Institute builds the capacity of our organization by enhancing the ability of our leaders to manage, govern, teach, and advocate.

  • Click here to view the power point presented by Majose Carrasco, MPA, Director, and Marin Swesey, Coordinator of the NAMI Multicultural Action Center

Thursday, June 21st

Multicultural TaskForce Meeting (by invitation)

In 2006, a taskforce made up of 25 individuals from leading organizations in the minority mental health field met during the NAMI Multicultural Summit to address disparities in mental health for communities of color. Beyond the priority issues identified by this first taskforce, one thing was made clear: children’s issues are very important to include. This follow-up taskforce meeting addressed the mental health needs of children in minority populations.

Friday, June 22nd

Quality of Care Symposium for Racial/Ethnic Communities

Racial and ethnic communities in the United States experience significant challenges accessing and receiving quality mental health care. This symposium discussed ways to improve the quality of care for multicultural populations. Topics include workforce issues, public education, meaningful involvement of consumers and families, and best practices in service delivery for multicultural populations.

  • Click here to view the presentation by Larke Huang, PhD., Senior Advisor on Children, Office of the Administrator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Eliminating Disparities in Depression Care for Racial/Ethnic Communities: An APA-NAMI Collaborative

Disparities in care for racial and ethnic communities, especially care for depression, is a continuing problem in our country. Often, problems with depression and other psychiatric illnesses present differently in people of color than in whites. The American Psychiatric Association and NAMI are working together to develop a training curriculum for primary care providers on depression in multicultural communities. This innovative approach is based on consumers and providers as cofacilitators.

  • Click here to view the presentation by speakers Annelle Primm, MD; Alison Bondurant; Majose Carrasco, MPA; and Marin Swesey

Networking Meeting on GLBT Mental Health Issues

Co-hosted by the Multicultural Action Center and the NAMI Center for Leadership and Development, this informal session offered an opportunity for open discussion and networking for those interested in mental health issues within GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) communities. 

Disparities In GLBT Mental Health

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) individuals with mental illness face significant stigma attached to mental illness in addition to the stigma attached to their sexual orientation. The focus of this workshop was on the barriers to successful mental health treatment in this community.

  • View the transcribed  presentation by Renae Sewell of Hearts & Ears, Inc.

Issues in GLBT Mental Health Care

Speakers in this workshop identified successful programs contributing to mental health in the GLBT community and discussed considerations for culturally competent GLBT mental health care.

  • Click here to view the presentation by Daniel Garza, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Saturday, June 23rd

Aprendamos juntos (Spanish-Lanuagage Community Forum)

This Spanish-language session was an open forum for the San Diego community. Presenters will provide basic information on mental health, education, support, and how to access services, and deliver the message that recovery is possible. The session concluded with an informal meet and greet. View the flyer in English or en español.

Cultural Competence Planning and Implementation

Cultural competence is a key component for successful multicultural inclusion at NAMI. This session focused on how to plan for and achieve organizational cultural competence.

  • Click here to view the power point presentation by speaker, Tawara D. Goode, Director of the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development

GLBT Listening Session (by invitation)

Although NAMI provides information and support to people with mental illness and their families, we recognize the GLBT community faces additional barriers when dealing with mental health issues. The Multicultural Action Center brought together an expert group to dialogue with NAMI leadership in regards to pressing issues in GLBT mental health. The resulting recommendations will provide valuable information that NAMI can use to enhance its ability to effectively advocate for the mental health needs of all Americans.

  • Read the proceedings document of this listening session provided  here.