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Beyond Chartering

As stated in the NAMI Standards of Excellence document, the Standards of Excellence process does not end with the chartering of your NAMI State Organization.  The NAMI Standards of Excellence consist of two parts.

1) The first part is the agreements (charters) that NAMI signs with each NAMI State Organization

 To learn how to fulfill the first part visit the Overview of the NAMI State Organization Charter Process and/or the Becoming a Chartered NAMI State Organization: The Nuts and Bolts sections of this website

2) The second part is the collection of practices that describe how NAMI, NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates should act to strengthen their organizations and to be legal, ethical and accountable in the areas of Diversity, Inclusion and Nondiscrimination; Communication; Membership; Dues; Programs and Fundraising.

To learn more about ongoing practices related to NAMI State Organization:

 Listen to the Chartered and Beyond: Making Change Happen Recording for an overview on how the NAMI Standards of Excellence will impact NAMI, State Organizations and Affiliates beyond the chartering process
 Read the NAMI State Organization Handbook for assistance in understanding, applying and achieving the standards’ practices in your own organization.