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  1. Is a NAMI Affiliate resolution required?

    A resolution is not a required part of the re-affiliation process. It is something that NAMI developed to give people a tangible first step to take. If your NAMI Affiliate or NAMI State Organization does not find it useful you do not need to do it.

  2. Does NAMI have a list of NAMI Affiliates in my state that have passed resolutions so that we can crosscheck?

    Absolutely! Send a request for this information to and we will get the information to you quickly. If you know of NAMI Affiliates that have completed the resolution but not let NAMI know, encourage them to send the resolution to so they can get the credit they deserve!

  3. Does NAMI acknowledge resolutions it receives from NAMI Affiliates?

    Yes. When NAMI receives notification that a resolution has been passed we write back to the NAMI Affiliate and the NAMI State Organization and let them know we got the news. If you feel this has not happened in your case, please email us at so we can rectify the situation.

  4. What about smaller NAMI Affiliates that do not have a Board of Directors, how do they pass the Resolution?

    For a NAMI Affiliate without a Board of Directors, the leadership group that is driving the NAMI Affiliate can pass a resolution. They can customize the resolution template from saying "the Board of ." to the "committed members of ." and pass this resolution. Once completed, send the resolution to and to your NAMI State Organization.

  5. Is a template available for the Board Resolution?

    Yes, you can use the Board Resolution template found here.

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