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NAMI State Organization Endorsement of NAMI Affiliates

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  1. Does the NAMI State Organization have to complete a Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan?

    Yes. You are required to use this tool as part of the re-affiliation effort. Check out this link to find the 15-minute module on the NAMI Affiliate Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan and NAMI Affiliate Endorsement Plan template. NAMI requires our sign off on the Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan before we can begin accepting endorsements from the NAMI State Organization. Once you have completed your plan, upload it to your NAMI State Organization Profile Center site. NAMI will review your plan and may have clarifying questions to ask in a conversation with the NAMI State Organization leadership. Once approved, NAMI will give the green light on the plan so you can continue working with NAMI Affiliates in your state to upload their documents to the Profile Center for the State Organization to review and endorse the Affiliate.

  2. Does our NAMI State Organization Board of Directors have to approve the Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan, or can it be a more casual process?

    The NAMI State Organization Board of Directors must approve the Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan. Ultimately, the NAMI State Organization Board of Directors is responsible for re-affiliation and the contractual relationships that will result. Engaging the State Organization Board is an assurance that the plan has the support it needs to be respectful.

  3. Is there a time frame for the Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan to be sent to NAMI?

    The first goal is that all NAMI State Organizations chartered by June 2013 will have the first draft of their Endorsement Plan submitted by February 15, 2014. The goal for finalized plans from these same State Organizations is September 2014.

    Here is a list of the State Organizations to whom these goals apply:
    NAMI Alabama, NAMI Arkansas, NAMI California, NAMI Colorado, NAMI Connecticut, NAMI Florida, NAMI Georgia, NAMI Idaho, NAMI Illinois, NAMI Indiana, NAMI Iowa, NAMI Kansas, NAMI Kentucky, NAMI Louisiana, NAMI Maine, NAMI Maryland, NAMI Massachusetts, NAMI Minnesota, NAMI Missouri, NAMI Montana, NAMI Nebraska, NAMI New Hampshire, NAMI New Jersey, NAMI New Mexico, NAMI New York State, NAMI North Carolina, NAMI Ohio, NAMI Oklahoma, NAMI Oregon, NAMI South Carolina, NAMI South Dakota, NAMI Tennessee, NAMI Texas, NAMI Utah, NAMI Vermont, NAMI Virginia, NAMI Washington, NAMI Wisconsin and NAMI Wyoming

  4. What will you do with the first draft of the Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan?

    Many people feel overwhelmed about this plan. One reason we are asking for a first draft is so that we can partner with you to figure out the best plan forward based on what you know so far. It is something that is in motion. We’re asking for your best guess. The expectation is that together we can work from your February 2014 first draft to have a final plan in place by September 2014. At minimum this draft lets us know your initial thoughts and ideas about what your final plan will look like. This way we get NAMI State Organizations on board and can have a more strategic discussion about how we can help you move the plan to something that is final. One part of this will be to create affinity groups so that you can support each other in the process.

  5. How do we make "the best guess" assessment of NAMI Affiliate engagement?

    You may want to use the NAMI Affiliate Inventory tool customized for your NAMI State Organization. To get your customized tool please email

  6. Can I revisit and/or revise our Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan?

    Yes, you may revisit and revise your Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan based on your experiences with implementation--in fact we encourage it--NAMI is well served by this process if we allow ourselves to change and grow from it.

  7. What can I expect after we submit the first draft of our Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan?

    The first draft of the Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan will enable NAMI to provide specific technical assistance on what State Organizations need state-by-state rather than general support. In 2014 we will be developing affinity groups that will match up small clusters of states that have similar strengths and challenges in doing re-affiliation and providing opportunities for you to get together with your colleagues in other states and talk together through the specifics of how you are working though these issues and structures. So we need you to come on board with something soon so we can make good matches and create targeted work groups that will be helpful in working together.

  8. Once the NAMI State Organization has filled out the Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan and has uploaded it to the Profile Center, is it OK to continue with the re-affiliation process?

    You’ll upload the Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan and let us look at it. We may have clarifying questions or suggestions. There will be a conversation with us and with leadership in the NAMI State Organization to indicate that you have a green light to go ahead with endorsement.

    Meanwhile, you can be doing other things to get ready for endorsement - such as training people in the Profile Center, getting Affiliate documents uploaded, beginning to look at those documents. You don’t need to think of the parts of re-affiliation operating sequentially – you can be working with NAMI to finalize the Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan and working with NAMI Affiliates in your state to begin submitting information.

    The State Organization endorsement of an Affiliate is that final action to indicate all the Affiliate documents have been submitted, reviewed, revised and approved. In the charter process NAMI found that when the documents were submitted it was a good benchmark of progress, but 95% of the time at least one document needed to be revised or updated. There’s a lot of back and forth.

  9. The NAMI State Organization wants to give a specific "done" for the Re-affiliation process, is this acceptable to NAMI?

    Rather than setting a hard and fast completion date, they should instead set benchmarks or targets for the re-affiliation process and NAMI will work with each NAMI State Organizations to do so. If a NAMI Affiliate has a concern they must work with the NAMI State Organization.

  11. Once we have our re-affiliation plan in place, how will things work?

    Once NAMI has approved your final Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan you may begin endorsing NAMI Affiliates in your state for re-affiliation – so that before you offer an endorsement NAMI and your State Organization have a common understanding of what the meaning and value of that endorsement is. Once the NAMI State Organization is confident their NAMI Affiliate(s) met the Standards requirements and would serve the mission, they recommend to their Board of Directors that that NAMI Affiliate be endorsed by them to NAMI for re-affiliation. After a review of the documentation, NAMI would take the endorsement to the NAMI Board of Directors for approval.

  13. We have a NAMI Affiliate ready to move forward with the re-affiliation process. What is our next step to help them move forward?

    In order for any State Organization to endorse an Affiliate – the final step in forwarding a NAMI Affiliate to NAMI for consideration for a re-affiliation agreement - the State Organization must have an approved Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan in place. NAMI has a goal that all State Organizations will have at least a first draft of this plan complete and submitted by February 15, 2014 – but we are happy to receive them earlier and if possible, finalize and approve them!

    Internally, the next step for the NAMI State Organization is to review the documentation to ensure that it is up to Standards.  Refer to this checklist to conduct that process. Once NAMI State Organization is satisfied that the Affiliate meets all the Standards and is poised to carry out the mission in alignment with them successfully, they can submit an endorsement to NAMI and the Board of Directors will consider the case for offering a re-affiliation agreement.

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