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  1. How does an Affiliate move through the process - beginning to end?

    Here is a simple outline of the process broken in six steps:
    1. NAMI Affiliates will submit all documentation associated with the model they are being considered under re-affiliation for and the NAMI State Organization will review the documentation to ensure that it is up to Standards.
    2. NAMI will provide tools to the NAMI State Organization to conduct that process.
    3. The NAMI State Organization will communicate to NAMI that they have done the review and that they endorse that the NAMI Affiliate meets all the required standards.
    4. NAMI will review and confirm we are all on the same page.
    5. The NAMI Board will vote to offer that NAMI Affiliate a re-affiliation agreement.
    6. A positive vote from the NAMI Board means the NAMI Affiliate and the NAMI State Organization will be notified that NAMI is offering an opportunity to enter into a re-affiliation agreement.

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