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  1. What are the first steps for NAMI Affiliates related to re-affiliation?

    Although not required, many NAMI State Organizations have asked that the Board of Directors of NAMI Affiliates pass a resolution to begin the re-affiliation process as an active first step to get the conversation going on re-affiliation. NAMI Affiliates can use this resolution template to take that first step. Once Resolutions are passed, send a copy to and to your NAMI State Organization.
    Also, go here to find other resources to get you started with re-affiliation, including templates and activities.

  2. What are the first steps for NAMI State Organizations related to re-affiliation?

    1. Every NAMI State Organization must adopt at least one of the three organizational models for NAMI Affiliates. However, NAMI State Organizations can choose to support one, two or three models.
    2. Every NAMI State Organization must have an approved NAMI State Organization Re-affiliation Endorsement Plan before they can endorse NAMI Affiliates in their state to NAMI.
    3. All NAMI Affiliates will need to submit their re-affiliation documentation via the NAMI Profile Center. Affiliates cannot access the Profile Center until trained in how to use the system by their State Organization. NAMI State Organizations work with Bob Scott to get trained in using the NAMI Profile Center so they can train their NAMI Affiliates. Contact Bob Scott to schedule the training.

  3. Is all of the re-affiliation information in one place where we can easily find it?

    We built the site to get everything related to standards, chartering and re-affiliation, in one convenient place. It is broken into two sections one for NAMI State Organizations and one for NAMI Affiliates. It is designed this way to help make clear the different roles among State Organizations and Affiliates.

  4. Does NAMI plan on contacting NAMI Affiliates directly regarding re-affiliation?

    NAMI will primarily communicate through NAMI State Organizations about re-affiliation. We welcome direct contact from NAMI Affiliates and in many cases, we will bring the NAMI State Organization into the conversation with us to ensure that the affiliate is getting the best information on how the process will work in their community. NAMI is eager to support the relationship between the NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliates.

  5. With whom is the NAMI Affiliate contact responsible for coordinating with regarding re-affiliation?

    The NAMI State Organization will have a great deal of involvement in the re-affiliation of NAMI Affiliates. NAMI State Organizations are the NAMI Profile Center trainers, the front line reviewers of documentation, and the ones deciding when to endorse NAMI Affiliates for re-affiliation. The NAMI State Organization works with the NAMI Affiliate to gather, upload and then review the required documentation.

  6. What are the minimum standards for re-affiliation?

    All of the information on the standards specific to NAMI Affiliates can be found in the NAMI Affiliate Handbook. On pages 9-10 you will find the required practices, on page 19 is a description of the models the NAMI State Organization had to choose from for re-affiliation. Contact the state office for information on the model(s) available in your particular state.

  7. Do all NAMI Affiliates have to complete re-affiliation at the same time?

    No. NAMI recognizes that each state has a NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliates of varying sizes, capacities and abilities to move forward. NAMI State Organizations have a few items to work on prior to launching re-affiliation in their state. For more details see question #2 in this section.

  8. What tools and resources can we use to get started working with our NAMI Affiliates?

    NAMI is creating, releasing and posting new tools and resources regularly, so visit frequently to find resources that best meet the needs of the NAMI Affiliates in your state.
    If you are new to this topic, you may want to review the town hall call that launched re-affiliation and find the materials distributed following it as a way to get grounded.

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